Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where'd He Go?

Hopefully, Ben mowed for the last time a few weeks ago. While he was mowing, Aidyn and I went for a walk. It was in the upper 70s and felt wonderful!!!

When we got back, Aidyn noticed that he could watch Ben mow from our side-porch door. Literally, (no exaggeration) we sat in the floor for 20 minutes watching Ben finish up the yard. It was the sweetest thing!
Every time Ben would walk by he'd wave at Aidyn. Aidyn would smile real big, turn and look at me as if to say, "That was my daddy!", and then he'd turn back and watch until Ben was out of sight.

He'd play with his toys for a minute, and as soon as he heard that mower, he'd jerk his head back over to the window to watch Ben go by. Never would I have imagined he'd stay in one spot for so long...he definately loves his daddy!
*PS...you may notice the stack and baskets full of toys and books in the corner. We officially "retired" the pack-n-play and gave it to friends to borrow. They are expecting their daughter to be born in January. The empty corner has made a great spot for Aidyn's toys.
Also, please excuse the blue tape all over our door. We keep meaning to stain it. :)

Daddy's Helper

A couple weekends ago, Ben decided he would fix Aidyn's flat tire once again. We absolutely LOVE our Jeep stroller and use it all the time to go for walks. However, since Aidyn used to be so small, we'd lay him in the stroller and then carefully go down the steps out the back door.

Well, now that's much bigger and heavier, we still do the same...and we're killing those innertubes inside the tire!

As I was coming downstairs, I saw Ben and Aidyn sitting in the floor together. Ben was working on the tire while Aidyn just sat there, watching, and holding the screw driver. So...you know me, I ran to get my camera and took a few pics. So cute!

Aren't they so cute together? ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ecosystem Webquest Project

(Audio Link with Instructions)


1. Watch the video on animal ecosystems.
You will have to use the username and password information given out during science class. If you have lost this information, you will need to see me in class. You cannot begin the assignment without that information.

2. Choose your favorite ecosystem and go on a virtual fieldtrip.
Antarctica http://www.tramline.com/tours/sci/antarctic/_tourlaunch1.htm
Deserts http://www.tramline.com/tours/sci/desert/_tourlaunch1.htm
Oceans http://www.tramline.com/tours/sci/oceank/_tourlaunch1.htm
Rainforest http://www.field-trips.org/tours/sci/rainforest/_tourlaunch1.htm
Forest http://www.tramline.com/tours/sci/forest/_tourlaunch1.htm

3. Fieldtrip Checklist:
A. Where is your ecosystem located?
(state, country, and/or continent)

B. Tell about 4 animals that live in your ecosystem.
C. Tell about 2 plants that live in your ecosystem.
D. Tell about the weather of your ecosystem.

4. Write a 4-paragraph paper telling about your ecosystem.

5. Create a shoebox model of your ecosystem.
You can view the video below to see several examples from previous years.

Remember, final papers and models are due Tuesday, November 24th.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Virtual FieldTrip

This website has a list of several "virtual" fieldtrips. We have just completed a study on ecosystems in science with my 3rd graders. I was looking for a website, or "trip", that would allow them to view the location "live" (not in just picture slideshows...like they already see in their book). Unfortunately, of all the places I looked, I was unable to find such a trip for ecosystems. Maybe someone else will have better luck.


The fieldtrip I went on was the Biscayne National Park: An Underwater Ecosystem Adventure. It is a tour of an underwater ecoystem, but like I mentioned above, it is made up of pictures and facts. There is some interactive parts where students move puzzle pieces, use a flashlight to see animals, use a magnifying glass to see coral up close, etc.

A few things I like about this site is that there is a:
*Fieldtrip Journal that the students can fill out and complete as they "go" on their trip and record information that they learn.
*Ask the Experts link that allows students to ask questions they may have regarding their trip.
*Evaluation of the trip link incase you have comments, concern, or suggestions.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Digital Photo Story

My digital photo story/movie is a short video of still pictures. It begins with the birth of my son in January and continues until today, his 9 month birthday. I tried several times to upload music from our iTunes account and was unsuccessful. So, I settled with some of the classical music that was already part of the program in Photo Story 3.

I enjoyed working with this program and can see myself using it in the future whether it be for my students, family events, church programs, etc. Thanks for sharing this assignment and program with us!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Classroom Audio Podcasting

The article I chose was "Classroom Audio Podcasting". Here is the link to my artcile:


Just a few of the benefits to podcasting:

1. It's cheap.
All podcasting requires that may be "extra" in comparison to what a classroom teacher already has is a microphone for your computer. You can find nicer ones at different electronics stores, but there are also microphones available for $10 or less that work just as well at places such as Wal-mart, K-mart, Radio Shack, etc.

2. It expands the students' audience.
Instead of asking students to write their answers on paper (for the teacher...1 person), students can tell their answers to the online recording and post their answers for many more (available online...millions).

3. No "bells and whistles" to distract.
Students will not get side-tracked by the color backgrounds, pictures, slideshow transitions, etc when doing a podcast. All that matters is what they're saying and that their answer is recorded.

4. No privacy issues.
When students read and record their answers, there is no requirement to post a picture or any of their personal information such as their name, school, address, etc. Students can post their responses and only

5. Variety and change.
By completing a podcast to tell/explain their answers for maybe a short essay test or any other calssroom activity and assignment...students are not being required to do the "old, boring" pencil/paper test. They will enjoy this assignment MUCH more and may even get excited about a test or class assignment when they know they'll be creating a podcast!

I have not created a podcast (or even tried) for my classroom. However, I do know there are several people in my school system that have.

For more information on HOW to make a podcast, check out this video on youtube.com...



In April 2008, I became pregnant with my first child. I was teaching 3rd and 4th grade Reading. The picture you see at the top is a picture of my with my 4th grade homeroom on the afternoon of my student baby shower in December 2008.

They were a wonderful group of students and they each touched my life in a special way!

My son, Aidyn, was due to be born in January. Being the case, I decided to take off the entire 2nd half of the school year last year. I was very sad to be leaving "my kids" at school, but also excited about being able to stay home with Aidyn.

Aidyn was born the end of January and I was able to spend 6 wonderful months at home with him before returning to school this fall. I now teach 2 groups of 3rd graders. I teach Reading, Grammar, and Writing.

As much as I miss Aidyn during the days and sometimes wish I was still at home with him, I also completely LOVE my job! I am very lucky.