Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where'd He Go?

Hopefully, Ben mowed for the last time a few weeks ago. While he was mowing, Aidyn and I went for a walk. It was in the upper 70s and felt wonderful!!!

When we got back, Aidyn noticed that he could watch Ben mow from our side-porch door. Literally, (no exaggeration) we sat in the floor for 20 minutes watching Ben finish up the yard. It was the sweetest thing!
Every time Ben would walk by he'd wave at Aidyn. Aidyn would smile real big, turn and look at me as if to say, "That was my daddy!", and then he'd turn back and watch until Ben was out of sight.

He'd play with his toys for a minute, and as soon as he heard that mower, he'd jerk his head back over to the window to watch Ben go by. Never would I have imagined he'd stay in one spot for so long...he definately loves his daddy!
*PS...you may notice the stack and baskets full of toys and books in the corner. We officially "retired" the pack-n-play and gave it to friends to borrow. They are expecting their daughter to be born in January. The empty corner has made a great spot for Aidyn's toys.
Also, please excuse the blue tape all over our door. We keep meaning to stain it. :)

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